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Barn Kits, Steel Barn Kits, Horse Barn Kits, Wood Truss Kits

Steel Barn Kits
- garage kits, horse barn kits and anything else

Steel Truss Buildings.

Give yourself more room. Less material, easier to build.

Great for garages with lifts or storage for heavy equipment. Get the steel building you want at prices you can afford.

Steel Truss Sizes
Gable Truss Widths: starting at 16' to 40' max width.
Lean-to Truss Widths: starting at 8' to 24' max width.

More details here: Steel Truss Buildings

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Wood Truss Barn Kits
- storage, garage kits, carport kits

Garage Kits

Whether you are looking for a garage or carport, a workshop or storage building our clear span pole barn kits will fit your need.

Garage Kit Sizes
Lengths: 20' + in increments of 10' or 12'
Truss Widths: truss can be made to any size from 20' to 40' wide.

More about our Wood Truss Barn Kits

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Horse Barn Kits
- livestock, horse barns, hay storage

Horse barn kit.

Our center isle horse barn kit, or conventional pole barn kit, is the most efficient and cheapest route for building a pole barn. The horse barn kit is framed for easy construction of 12x12 stalls.

Horse Barn Kit Sizes
36x24x8 to 36x300x8
12 foot increments in length
Center Isle eve height @ 11' when outside eve height is 8'

More about our Horse Barn Kits

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Barn House Kits
- loft barns, apartment top, hay storage

Pole Barn Home: Shipping

The apartment top is commonly used as loft storage over a garage. This building can be enclosed for livable conditions making it easily converted into a pole barn home.

Pole Barn Home Sizes
Truss widths start at 32 feet to a 40 foot maximum
Lengths are 8,' 10', 12' increments.
Truss size and quantity will depend on the the weight in the loft.

12' Wide loft.

More details here: Pole Barn House

Steel Truss Barn Info

Material Lists for steel truss pole barn kits.  

Build Your Own

Build your own: Pole Barns, Garages, Steel Buildings, Carports

Barn Plans

Barn Plans