Steel Trusses

Steel Truss Pole Barns

Steel truss pole barns are arguably the cheapest route when constructing your pole barn. Whether you are agricultural or just looking for a carport, the simple design and easy construction process makes steel truss pole barn kits the smart move for todays budget-minded consumers.

Wood barns can be great for cheap agricultural buildings but when you need higher windloads or increase snow loads, the addition lumber required to meet extreme limits puts the steel truss pole barn out in front by a mile.

Our pole barn kits with steel trusses have been engineered up to 170 mph and are engineeralbe in 39 states.

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Build a Pole Barn

Build your own pole barn.

Most customers seek to self contract and build their own pole barns. Building your pole barn your self could save thousands on the project.

To assist our DIY oriented customers we provide free information to help you build your own pole barn.

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Pole Barn Plans Build a pole barn
36x72x12 Pole Barn

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