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Apartment Top Pole Barns
- wood truss with engineered storage loft

Apartment Top - Barn with Loft.

Basic package and kit info:

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How to purchase upgrades
Center support for trusses
Facia and trim.
Eve Height Adjustments
Flooring for loft
Extreme Wind Load adjustments
Extreme Snow Load adjustments
Package vs. Kit - what's the difference?

Lumber we use.

Standard post are 6x6 posts. All packages and kits we list on E-Bay work with 6x6 pressure treated posts unless stated otherwise.

Header standard size is 2x10.

Purlins will be 2x4 yellow pine. The length and quantity will vary based on length and width of barn. The staggered layout of purlin is unique for every barn.

2x6 knee braces will be used if you are attaching headers to the posts. Lumber for knee braces will not be included if you are using the notching method to install headers.

2x4 yellow pine will be included for truss bracing like rat runs and X braces.

Wood apartment top trusses.

Trusses for the apartment top are wood trusses with a framed opening for the apartment top. The apartment top openings are framed for maximum width and height available while still being able to ship the trusses without overload permits being required. This will involve installing a cap for the top of the truss.

The trusses for our standard packages and kits are placed 3' on center. This span can be decrease to 2' on center if higher roof loads are needed. This will add additional trusses to the order and will be included as an optional upgrade as more hardware will be required along with the extra trusses.

Trusses are manufactured with a 7/12 pitch to give a comfortable height and width for the apartment space.

Two types of trusses can be manufactured. The standard truss listed in all listings, unless stated otherwise, will be a true clear span with no center supports. Center supported trusses are available but will be purchased as an upgrade unless the listing states center support is included.

Included Hardware

Through bolts, nuts and washers will be supplied to attach headers to posts.
High wind straps included to attach the truss to the header.

Plenty of nails will be included for framing the pole barn. Your choice of loose nails or strap nails for pneumatic nailers.

1 1/2" nails to secure high wind straps to headers are offered loose or in rack form for pneumatic nailers.

Metal Roofing

29 gauge, silver galvalume metal sheeting will be used to cover the roof. Silver is the standard color for all packages. Color options are free upgrades.

Prior to purchasing your kit we can provide a color chart for you.

Silver galvalume ridge cap with plenty of 1 1/2" roof screws are included.

Facia, drip edge or other enclosure material NOT included in the base package or kit unless the listing states it is included. These peices will be offered as an upgrade.

Options and upgrades.

Purchasing upgrades.

1.) Please decide upon a width and length of your building. Length must be in increments of 8, 10, or 12 feet.
2.) Decide upon which upgrades you will need for your building.
3.) Contact us through ebay with the base kit you are interested in.
In this message please include this info with inquiries so we can provide you with an accurate estimate:

  • State, County, Zipcode
  • Width, Length and Eve Height of the Apartment Top
  • Any other options or upgrades

Center Support for Trusses

If the storage area of the apartment top truss will be used to store heavy objects over long periods of time the center supports may be of use for your application. The trusses would have up to two extra sets of posts and headers to support the extra heavy load in the storage space. The picture of the constructed apartment top at the top of the page shows a customer utilizing the center supports for additional framing underneath the storage loft. Three 12x12 bays on each side of the building are going to be constructed with a 12'x36' center isle drive through. The strength and number of center supports will be dependant on the weight in the storage loft as well as how you would frame under the storage loft.

Facia and Trim

Facia and trim materials are availabe. Any metal trim, drip edge would match the coloring of the roof unless a different color is requested. Any wood supplied for facia will be shipped uncolored.

Eve Height Adjustments

Eve heights are standard at 10'. All E-Bay listings will have a 10' eve unless otherwise specified. Any height over 10' will require an upgrade from 6x6 posts to 8x8 posts. The 8x8 posts can be used to acheive an eve height up to 14'.

Flooring for Loft.

Material for flooring would be 3/4" plywood or 2x6 planks depending on the spacing of the trusses.

Extreme Wind Upgrades

Engineering an Apartment Top pole barn would require adjustments to our base kit. We are able to offer Florida engineering only. If you live out of state you would need to find an engineer for your county/state. We cannot give a price until we see the plans that the engineer drafts. Engineering for extreme weather will affect nearly every part of the pole barn and can raise the base price by 20%-60% or more depending on a multitude of variables.

Extreme Snow Load Upgrades

As Florida does not concern itself with snow load, you would be required to find an engineer local to you to draft your plans. Again, as with the high wind load, we cannot provide a price until we see the plans that are drafted. For heavy snow loads you can expect 8x8 posts @ 8'OC, 2'OC (or less) truss placement, upgraded width of headers, reduction in span of purlin, increased hardware thickness and quantity of hardware. The roof will likely be covered in 3/4" plywood. Extreme snow load pole barns may increae 30%-70% of the pole barns base price depending primarily on your area and the engineer drafting the plans.

Package vs. Kit

A "Pole Barn Package" indicates that we will provide all lumber, hardware and any other optional upgrade materials "as is". These peices will need to be cut and marked as we only gather the materials you require.

A "Pole Barn Kit" indicates that we will provide all the lumber, hardware and any other optional upgrade materials cut and marked. There will be lumber that still needs cut and marked throughout the construction process that we can in no way cut and mark prior to assembly. Materials that will be cut and marked would be purlin, headers, knee braces(if applicable), flooring material(if using planks), rat runs(truss bracing) as well as any other material requested through upgrades. Again, we cannot cut and mark all peices. There are somethings that cannot be completed until you are in the construction process (i.e trimming of posts, marking and drilling through bolt holes, etc).
All pole barns we list on E-bay are packages unless otherwise stated. You can purchase the "Kit" form as an upgrade.


Shipping will be unique to each barn and the distance from our shop. Local deliveries can be handled by us for smaller pole barns. For larger Pole Barns, 2 full dedicated 48' flatbeds may be required to ship the pole barn. Pick up is available if you have your own trailer or would like to set up shipping through your own source.

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