Steel Trusses for pole buildings.

Steel Truss Pole Barn -
- horse barns, garages, workshops, storage

Pole barn kits for horses

Basic package and kit info:

Lumber Info
Steel truss and lean-to info
Hardware Info
Roof Metal Info


How to purchase upgrades
Eve Height Adjustments
Extreme Wind Load adjustments
Extreme Snow Load adjustments

Lumber we use.

Standard post are 6x6 posts. All packages and kits we list on E-Bay work with 6x6 pressure treated posts unless stated otherwise.

Purlins will be 2x6 yellow pine. The length and quantity will vary barn kit to barn kit.

Steel Truss and Lean-to info.

Our clear span gable trusses will require assembly. Trusses are manufactured in two peices. Hardware to assemble peices into one truss included.

Steel trusses, both gable and lean-to's, are designed with purlin clips to easily screw or nail purlin during installation.

Standard trusses will have a 12' OC placement unless the listing states otherwise.

Lean-to's can be added to either side of the pole barn to acheive a raised center isle barn used commonly for livestock.

Included Hardware

Through bolts, nuts and washers will be supplied to attach trusses to the posts.

Plenty of screws will be included for attaching purlin.

Metal Roofing

29 gauge, silver galvalume metal sheeting will be used to cover the roof. Silver is the standard color for all packages.

Prior to purchasing your kit we can provide a color chart for you.

Silver galvalume ridge cap with plenty of 1 1/2" roof screws are included.

Facia, drip edge or other enclosure material NOT included in the base package or kit unless the listing states it is included. These peices will be offered as an upgrade.

Options and upgrades.

Purchasing upgrades.

1.) Please decide upon a width and length of your building. Length must be in increments of 8, 10, or 12 feet.
2.) Decide upon which upgrades you will need for your pole barn.
3.) Contact us through ebay with the base kit you are interested in. In this message please include this info with inquiries so we can provide you with an accurate estimate:

State, County, Zipcode
Width, Length and Eve Height
Any other options or upgrades

Eve Height Adjustments

Eve heights for our steel truss pole barn kits and packages are standard at 10'. All E-Bay listings will have a 10' eve unless otherwise specified. Any height over 14' will require an upgrade from 6x6 posts to 8x8 posts.

Extreme Wind Upgrades

Engineering a pole barn for extreme wind will require adjustments to our base kit. These adjustments will depend on primarily on the height of the pole barn and wind load of your county.

Extreme Snow Load Upgrades

Extreme snow load pole barns may increae 30%-70% of the pole barns base price depending primarily the height of the barn and the psf requirements of your county.


Shipping will be unique to each barn and the distance from our shop. Local deliveries can be handled by us for smaller pole barns. For larger Pole Barns, 2 full dedicated 48' flatbeds may be required to ship the pole barn. Pick up is available if you have your own trailer or would like to set up shipping through your own source such as U-Ship.

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